Peaceful White Roses And 15 Quotes Must See...!!!

White Roses Express Purity, Heavenly, Secrecy,
Silence, Innocence And Charm
The Sweetest Flower That Blows, I Give You As We Part. For You
It Is A Rose, For Me It Is My Heart

Beauty without Virtue Is Like A Rose Without Scent

Be A Rose Which Gives Fragrance Even To Those Who Crushes It

Love Is Like A Rose. It Looks Beautiful On The Outside.., But
There Is Always Pain Hidden Somewhere

Rose Is A Smile To Share, See Through Eyes And Love Through

How Beautiful Life Can Be When Touched By Rose

The Man Who Has Confidence In Himself Gains The Confidence Of

Life Is A Rose, Beware Of The Thorns

Rose Is Your Best Friend, Thorns Is Your Worst Enemy, Love Is
What You Live For, She/He Is What You Die For

Successful People Are Always Looking For Opportunities To Help
Others, Unsuccessful People Are Always Asking, "What's In It For

The Superior Man Is Modest In His Speech, But Exceeds In His

Anger Is The Feeling That Makes Your Mouth Work Faster Than
Your Mind

Well Done Is Better Than Well Said

You Don't Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To
Be Great

One Man One Woman One Life Filled With Rose

@:---The Rose Is A Flower Of Love---:@