Top 10 Bloggers And Their Adsense Income

Check out the list of top 10 bloggers from india and their estimated adsense revenues : -
Gone are the days when businessmen were 40 something gold chain laden persons with a fat belly to show off. Meet the new breed of millionaires who are 20 something bloggers writing blog posts in their pyzamas and earning millions. They are their own bosses and don’t need to get instruction from anyone . They can work at whatever time they wish to work and can fool around rest of the time with their hobbies.

1 . Name  - Amit Agarwal 
-:  Blog
-: Estimated Adsense Revenue per month – $ 36,000 / Month
About – In the year 2004  amit quit his lavish job at Goldman sachs and turned a full time blogger. He writes about software and internet tools. IIT passout amit now drives Honda CRV and lives life his size in New Delhi  the way he want, with his adsense and affiliate income.

2. Name – Amit Bhwanai
-:  Blog –
-: Estimated Adsense revenue – $15,000 Per Month
About – Amit bhawani started writing on his tech blog in year 2007 and pumped up different topics like career, health and travel in his blog. His blog has continuously jumped up in alexa ranking over due course of time. He now runs his own SEO firm in Hyderabad.

3. Name – Harsh Agrawal
harsh agarwal 
-: Blog –
-: Estimated Adsense Revenue – $11,000
About – 20 Something Harsh Agrawal quit his job at Convergys to become a professional  blogger. He now writes on bloging, wordpress, tips and ways to make money online. He now lives in New Delhi and blogs regularly to earn his income blended with freedom.

4. Name –  Jaspal Singh
jaspal singh
Blog –
Alexa Rank - 8000
Estimated adsense revenue - $10,000
About – Satpal is a  mechanical engineering graduate who took his blog at the peak of success in less than a year with his sheer dedication and ability to blog like a maniac. His other hobby is hitting the gym once his fingers get stressed.

5 . Name – Arun Prabhudesai
Arun Prabhudesai
-: Blog –
-: Alexa rank of – 10,000
-: Estimated Adsense Revenue – $9000 / Month
About – Arun writes about business trends and startups and is an avid internet geek. He started his blog in 2007 and has gradually moved up the ladders to become one of the best business bloggers in the blogging arena.

6. Name – Nirmal
-: Blog –
-: Estimated Adsense Revenue – $8500 / Month
About –  Nirmal is a Civil engineer  by education and IT professional by profession. He writes about freeware reviews, internet tips and tricks. Coming from a small town named kochi,  Nirmal has changed his life through blogging.

7.  Name – Rohit Langde
-: Blog –
-: Alexa Rank – 13,000
-: Estimated Adsense Income – $8,000
-: About – Rohit was a simple student from G.H. Raisoni College of Engineering, Nagpur till he realised  he can do, Not so simple things in life and he created a successful blog in his 4th year itself.He is now out  of college and happy living his life on Adsense.

8. Name – Rahul Bansal
rahul bansal

: – Blog –
:- Estimated Adsense Revenue – $6500 / Month
About – Rahul Bansal is a computer engineer turned full time blogger and writes about Tech trends and web 2.o . His have changed his life and every bit from it from adsense money and evolved into an Entrepreneur.

9 . Name – Honey Singh
honey singh
: - Blog –
: – Estimated adsense Revenue – $4500 per Month
About – Honeysingh is a fresh grad out of college and is a full time tech blogger. He has opened his company Mediaredefined and constantly writes for his successful blog.

10. Name – Srinivas Tamada
Srinivas Tamada 
: – Blog –
: – Alexa rank of – 19,000
: – Estimated Adsense revenue – $4000
About - Srinivas is a 20 something programming freak and his blog revoles about programming. He is one of the blogger who don’t pay a penny for hosting charges and domain name booking and is earning a handsome sum form Google.