A Beach House in the Hamptons from Vogue Living

Check out the lime green Chesterfield sofa.

Pattern and colour with a great kilim inspired chair.

Hudson Bay point blankets on the bunk beds.

Outdoor movie viewing.

Here's an interesting character - Aussie ex-pat Richard Christiansen rented this house in Montauk, East Hampton and then re-decorated the whole house to his specifications for the summer. He also re-planted the garden and brought his own bees!
It was a job of great dedication, sourcing props and furnishings for the "hyper-colour" and vintage style that he desired, it even included a buying trip to Hawaii (I want to meet this guy).
Christiansen did worry the owners would discover what he had done to their house and having to move everything out at the end of the summer - in which case it was all happily resolved when the owners DID find out and were absolutely delighted with his efforts that they actually offered to sell the house to him. Sigh - what a great story. Read the Vogue Living article here.
Photographs by Jason Busch via Vogue Living.